Foraging Experience

Delicious and for free: wild herbs flourish in the Lario area.

Did you know that daisy leaves can be a delicious topping for salads?

And that nettles and rose petals are great for risottos?

Do you enjoy being in nature but you wish you knew more about herbs and plants you encounter?

I fiori selvatici in cucina

So be part of our experience!

Esperienza in cucina con erbe e fiori selvatici

Rediscover the forgotten flavors that were once essential to the tasty rural cuisine. Reconnect with nature during a pleasant walk nearby Brunate.

A unique opportunity to learn more about the Larian territory and dedicate time to the collection of wild herbs that Lucia, our expert, naturalist and ethnobotanist will then cook for you in an exclusive location overlooking the lake and the city!⠀

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The program, in brief, is as follows: we will take the funicular up to Brunate, then we will have a quiet walk with Lucia who will share every secret and curiosity about these fascinating and unknown herbs. She will answer your questions or doubts about how, for example, certain leaves can even help disappear the irritation of a mosquito bite!

I fiori e le erbe selvatiche nei boschi di Como

Once we reach the location for dinner (or lunch! You choose the time!) we will focus on chilling out: Foraging class applied to Lucia's cuisine, or lying in the sun enjoying the lake view and lulled by the lake breeze... all this whilst our "green" meal is being prepared!

Here is the poster of the event! Download

For more information and reservations please write to or call 347 0835011

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