My Home in Como and Larius Way

Our team is passionate about the Larian territory, its landscapes and its nature. 

We believe in the promotion of the territory in an eco-sustainable way.

We believe in local initiatives.

We believe in the creation of a network of collaborations. 

So when we heard about the project of Mirko and Emanuele of Larius Way we could not resist!


Mirko ed Emanuaele dei Larius Way

This is Format Persone: a section of their website dedicated to those who have a social profile to support an activity, a job, a passion that represents a source of inspiration in the area. The goal? To increase their visibility.

Daniela e i larius way

So we decided to introduce Daniela, our CEO&Founder, who shared with Larius Way the reasons and ideas that have led to the creation of My Home in Como. Her passion for travel and unique adventures that made her feel at home wherever she was in the world. Hence the desire to make travelers who arrive on our beautiful lake feel at home and to live a truly unique opportunity to discover an area that has so much to offer!

Thank you guys for giving us the chance to make our passion more visible!

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