What do property managers do?


They attract Guests, they involve a large number of properties available on the market, they try to make the highest income, they professionally organize all the activities related to property management in order to be competitive and meet Guests requests.


The property manager is the perfect combo of all these activities: a new figure who deals with a real estate segment strictly linked to short-term and vacation rentals.


Since 2014 in the city of Como and on the Lake area Daniela Maviglia and her My Home in Como select properties that reflect originality, beauty and exclusivity to offer Guests from around the world an unforgettable holiday.


"The strength of the Property Manager - explains Daniela Maviglia - is knowing well an area and identifying housing solutions according with the needs of both the guest and the market in which it operates. It's a balanced job that goes beyond the simple renting because it needs to focus on the constant search of new properties and I would say above all, on the needs of the customer too, that for us, are the owners.


Trusting your local Property Manager means no longer having to worry about managing your holiday homes. Often this professional works with the owners as their investment agent and consultant to make their property perform at its best".


From a more technical point of view, it streamlines and reduces management costs and operations, it carries out continuous inspections to verify the correct functioning of the appliances and deal with all the problems that need to be solved. A complete service which allows the owner to "forget" about the property troubles and only let them collect the best profit out of it.


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