Lake Como

“Why Lake Como?” – is the main question. Then you get “why buying a house on lake como?”, or “why going on holiday to lake como?”, or “why settling down on Lake Como?”. Well, by the end of this article we are confident you have the answer.

The perfect match

Lake Como is the perfect synthesis between the Italian uniqueness and the international beauty.

Spiagge del Lago di Como

Not only does its rich history talk about personalities from far away (19th century Russian prince Alexander Troubezkoy that chose Blevio as new residency, just to mention one), or famous vacationers on a break from the bustling life of the big cities (like statesman Winston Churchill in his Villa le Rose in Moltrasio).

Villa le Rose

Lake Como also attracts travellers and explorers from all over the world – nature lovers, sport addicts, authenticity seekers, history buffs, shopping enthusiasts. Everyone. From everywhere.

For the ideal holidays

Beautiful beaches to chill on and refreshing waters to dive in on a hot (very hot!) summer day. Stunning period villas you can reach on a water taxi while enjoying your onboard lunch with local products and wine. Gastronomic walks around the surrounding Valle d’Intelvi or the Lariano Triangle ridges. Shopping stores dedicated to local fashion, shoes, silk, fabrics and located in the romantic pedestrian centre of Como city.

Passeggiate gastronomiche
And a life choice

And then there’s who purchase a property and invest on it. A holiday home for the family (and the teenage kids!) in the summer and to be rented out for the rest of the year, a property to renovate and then re-sell at a much higher price… many, many options indeed! And all of them are extremely profitable!

Lago di Como

What else? The proximity to Milan (40 mins by train!!) for even more shopping (or good chance to find a nice job as cross-border if the goal is to move here!). Swiss and Orobie Alps just 1-hour drive away for more Nordic walking. Madesimo and Chiesa in Valmalenco for skiing resorts. A very close Lugano for a Swiss weekend (or a Swiss job!), with its breath-taking views of the Alps and comfy little villages around it.

After all…

It all sounds strategic, doesn’t it? That’s right. Those who moved to Lake Como for good kind of figured it out. Those who are travelling towards it end up wishing they could stay longer. Either way, you have your answer now, don’t you?


Photo Credits: Andrea Butti

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