Covid19 left the world and its cultural and tourism exchanges totally on hold for many months.


Revenge Tourism is the desire to travel for "redemption" after a period of great austerity and restrictions and it was largely foreseen but these spring / summer 2022 went far beyond all expectations and so far it is exceeding the prepandemic numbers.

Property manager at My Home in Como, Daniela Maviglia had no doubts and she has been talking about these expectations since the months of the lockdowns.

She has selected new properties in order to be ready to welcome tourists and to guarantee maximum profit to the owners who have trusted her with the management of their holiday homes for short rentals on Lake Como.

Italy turned out to be the number one destination to compensate for the lack of traveling and Lake Como is among the top destinations chosen to claim the void of beauty, nature and holidays imposed by the pandemic restrictions.

“Many travelers had to cancel or postpone trips, events and holidays but they have maintained with determination the strong will to travel and spend time abroad trying to regain the time left on hold for almost two years. Furthermore, the awareness of considering the time spent on vacation or discovering new countries very important has grown up to be now a priceless privilege and a luxury to be appreciated and enjoyed. Returning to places dear to the hearts or visiting places that have long been dreamed of, are now considered real needs.

We are receiving reservations for 2023 and also for 2024.

People have now clear among their priorities their mind well-being along with the will of leaving behind a period that has caused us all a lot of stress."

The journey itself becomes an emotional need and a precious experience to be lived and treasured.

Our lake offers this comfort zone because it allows tourists to live the spectacular nature and it is considered an escape from cities and mass tourism, while it still guarantees a variety of services and high safety standards  from a health point of view.


Tourism is taking its revenge and the summer leads the desire for redemption and the need to travel.

People have more faith in the future and, after two years of struggling, they want to go back to relax in front of good Italian food, the colors of Lake Como and in the tranquility of a holiday home where they can feel welcomed and where they are able and free to share precious moments with family and friends.

"Revenge" which translates attack, in this context, takes a positive meaning, and stands for enthusiasm, joy and expectations. A "redemption" that represents a desire of returning to travel, with those we love, to feel at home in the world, to meet new friends and maybe to reconnect with the other human beings and with nature. Life is too short to not  book a trip! "

My Home in Como Guests feel welcomed and at home and find that much missed security right on the shores of the emerald waters of our lake.

Since 2014 My Home in Como has offered the best properties for exclusive and accessible tourism and constantly selects properties in Como and on the Lake to continue providing quality hospitality and to allow owners a greater profit than traditional rentals.


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