We love nature and our guests know that!

Our activity makes us meet hundreds of people, every day, from dozens of different nationalities, from all over the world.
This is a great fortune for us. We believe in the importance of spreading and sharing our values with guests, and not only.

Everyone in his/her own field and in his/her own little world, there are different ways to take on a green lifestyle, the decision is entirely up to us.

There are those who cultivate their own vegetables, those who wear only second-hand clothes, those who refuse to drive a vehicle powered by fossil fuels, those who buy only eco-friendly products.

We believe that we can turn our homes into better, sustainable nests!

So, what do we do at My Home in Como?

  • We start by welcoming our guests by bike. Actually, many of us go by bike even to the office! Como city center is often very crowded and a bike can really be the right choice... if it is green, it will never be a wrong one!

Bicicletta graziella classica
  • In each house we provide guests with only eco-friendly products! Dishwashing liquid, dishwasher detergent... all of them strictly ecological! And it doesn't stop here! Our guests love our Como Lake Breeze soaps and shampoos: we have developed a unique recipe that makes exclusive use of natural ingredients, produced and certified in Italy!
I prodotti eco-friendly di my home in como
  • The waste collection is mandatory in all homes.... as well as for us in the office!
I cassonetti per la raccolta differenziata
  • We suggest Green Experiences to our guests, in contact with nature and to explore our territory without any harmful impact! Read our article about the Foraging Experience organized by the naturalist and ethnobotanical expert Lucia Papponi.
  • Many of our homes have App-controllable heating, which we manage entirely remotely. This allow that during the off-season, when a few days may pass from one check-in to the the other, we make sure to turn it off to avoid waste!
  • Therefore, the answer is yes. We can all be friends of the Earth.

From the traveler to the homeowner, the world belongs to all of us and should be respected and preserved for future generations!

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