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Our four-legged friends

At My Home in Como we are driven by a strong passion for animals and (perhaps by now you have understood it!) by the great love for our 4-legged friends!

Top 5: the movies’ sets

Top 5: the movies’ sets Lake Como and its movies

Updates on Covid and Travels to Lake Como

We’ve been thinking – why not share an overview with current regulations to clear any doubts re travelling from Europe area to Lake Como?

Lake Como – a travel… and a life choice!

Lake Como “Why Lake Como?” – is the main question. Then you get “why buying a house on lake como?”, or “why going on holiday to lake como?”, or “why settling down on Lake Como?”. Well, by the end of this article we are confident you have the answer.

Interview with Elena Markova: Editorial Director of COMO LAKE Today

We recently had the pleasure to meet Elena Markova, Digital Marketing and Social Media expert and founder of COMO...

The Globbers at Villa Benedetta

Given the numerous requests from those who wanted to know more, here we are to tell you about Ale's mythical weekend....

Summer on Lake Como: 2 days is too little, 5 could be enough

No doubts. The first thing in our minds as soon as we leave this emergency behind: let’s go get some fresh air!

COVID-19: the impact on our daily lives

These days the government is asking us not to leave the house. That is right, no movement. We are all locked up.

My Home in Como and Larius Way

Our team is passionate about the Larian territory, its landscapes and its nature. We believe in the promotion of the territory...

We love nature and our guests know that!

Our activity makes us meet hundreds of people, every day, from dozens of different nationalities, from all over the world...