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Orticolario 2023: FALL in love with nature on our Lake

Christmas 2022 on Lake Como

Which is the best season to visit Lake Como? Every single one!

Post pandemic: The Revenge Tourism

Lake Como is the perfect destination for tourism compensation

Property manager: the pro who turns properties into the most profitable investment.

My Home in Como success on Lake Como area

Lake Como – a travel… and a life choice!

Lake Como “Why Lake Como?” – is the main question. Then you get “why buying a house on lake como?”, or “why going on holiday to lake como?”, or “why settling down on Lake Como?”. Well, by the end of this article we are confident you have the answer.

Top 5: the movies’ sets

Top 5: the movies’ sets Lake Como and its movies

5 things to do with family on Lake Como Family Holiday

We have hosted hundreds of international families in our beautiful homes in Como, and we have shared with them many recommendations on what to do to enjoy Lake Como at its best.

Our four-legged friends

At My Home in Como we are driven by a strong passion for animals and (perhaps by now you have understood it!) by the great love for our 4-legged friends!

All you need is love… and a Lake by your side

Someone said you can’t blame gravity for falling in love. But you can surely blame yourself for passing over Lake Como on such special day!

Updates on Covid and Travels to Lake Como

We’ve been thinking – why not share an overview with current regulations to clear any doubts re travelling from Europe area to Lake Como?