COVID-19: the impact on our daily lives

These days the government is asking us not to leave the house. That is right, no movement. We are all locked up.

We are only allowed to go out if we have to go shopping (we mean for food, not just any shopping). Only if we have work needs (irrevocable, of course). Only if we are assisting non-autonomous elderly relatives (wearing masks, protection first!). Only if... that's enough. On Lake Como, as well as throughout Italy, you stay at home. Until May 3. 

So we take the opportunity to tell you about our home days, and why not, give you some ideas to make use of on a rainy day when you're home bored! Who would have thought that life at home could be so colorful and full of stories to share with our readers? 

You see all kinds of things....

There are those who find themselves handling Skype business calls with two nearly unmanageable teenagers flailing in the background between online school lessons (there are never enough computers in the house) and TikTok. Not to mention the four-legged friends who decide to play the protagonists always at the right time and stage a bickering that the-told-us-so bicker just as you open the full screen with your manager.

There are those who are managing on their own two little girls, ages 5 and 9, and hope the enthusiasm for pencils and crayons lasts at least until they run out of colors. Meanwhile, the husband who travels frequently for work is in self-isolation in London, where who knows if they are really taking the situation seriously. 

There are those who live at the beginning of the street, and at the end there are the elderly parents. But he can't visit them, so he just does their shopping and leaves it outside the door, maybe waiting for them to come out so he can just wave hello. 

There are those who use Skype from Como to update and chat with their parents who live in Bergamo and their brother who lives in London. With the only difference that Bergamo is in Italy!

Some people live together. He works in Digital Marketing, already used to being in front of the computer, so still no sign of impatience inside the four walls of the house. For her it's a bit different, constantly looking for movement or to get away from the screen, she ends up cleaning the house almost every day, even the hidden corners! Not to mention the little plants all dried up and at the mercy of excessive care and way too much water. 

There are those who are assaulted by friends, relatives and neighbors who "oh my God we have to get our flights to Istanbul, Madrid, Prague refunded, but we don't speak English, will you call the customer center for us??". And he who offers to pay the hefty international fares to avoid leaving home and the contact with other people that would be inevitable at that point.

There are those who are more introverted and have begun to put their thoughts in writing, rearranging their ideas, expressing their emotions and feelings of these days. 

There are those who improvise as artists with glass jars because in the initial panic they had stormed the mall buying dozens of bottles of tomato puree. He might even write a blog about it - "50 ways to recycle waste caused by panic attacks". He could also unleash his creativity by building, creating and decorating with paper, unleashing his do-it-yourself imagination. But no, you can't do much with toilet paper....

In short, the more the merrier. Waiting for new regulations, our situation and our daily life are these. 

And you? How are you living these days? Share with us thoughts, photos, comments, find us on the Social!


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